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Tackey and Tsubasa 10th Anniversary Event in Tokyo Dome - 8-9/9/2012

Well, I decided to write those points for myself, so I won't forget. Will do it with every concert and musical from now on...

Guests List and their songs
Yamapi - duet with Tackey and Tsubasa from their juniors' years.
A.B.C-Z - Zutto Love, A.B.C-Z Five Stars 
Sexy Zone - Sexy Zone, Sexy Summer
Kis-My-Ft2 - SHE!HER!HER!, Wanna Beee!!!
NYC - Yoku Asobo (first day), Yume Tamago (second day)
Hey!Say!JUMP - Super Delicate
Snow Man
Travis Japan
Noon Boys (was "Noon Boy" on the second day...)
Kansai Johnny's Jr. - Kansai song (don't know the original name) with Nakayama Yuma
Johnny's Jr.
Common things for first and second days
First, there were no arena seats. Instead was written T T 1 0 with small ballons. There were ballons in all sizes on the floor, and also instruments for bend on the stage (wasn't clear who'll come, since FIVE no longer exist and Questions? had a SUMMARY at the same time). There were also two big cranes, probably to lift the singers. Also, the stage was build especially for skates ^_~


* The concert was about 3.5hrs. When they showed gratulations messages from some of the guests, the last message was from Kame <3
* During the song "Oh Summer", Tackey and Tsubasa entered the stage with sweemsuites (Tsubasa with black shorts and no shirts, Tackey with pink shorts, pink shirt and pink floating-ring). They entered inside log-like boats (like the ones in the amusement-park). Also, while they were singing, the Mizugi Juniors came to dance in the water (like during the SUMMARY).
* In some of the songs Hey!Say!JUMP were the live band.Also, the back dancers were all from debuted groups or known juniors groups.
* Chinene and Yamada changed their hair style. Yamada had short, curled black hair while Chinen's hair looked like Yuma's.
* One of the song was sang was "Can Do, Can Go", which was sang by Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Kisumai and the Juniors. While dancing, there was a movie played on the screen behind. First half of the movie was Tackey and Tsubasa dancing to this song during their juniors days. The second half showed different grown idols dance to that song (Yamapi, Toma, Arashi members...).
* When Kisumai sang SHE!HER!HER!, their back-dancers were A.B.C-Z! <3
* When Kisumai sang Wanna Beee!!! and danced with their skates, Tackey joined in the middle.
* At the end, at the introduction part, undebuted groups were introduced as groups, while members at debuted groups were introduced individually. Than everyone were dancing to REAL DX. The encore was Yume Monogatari - again, with everyone on stage.

Special points for first day
* During one of the songs that Hey!Say!JUMP played, Tsubasa went and patted on Yaotome's butt while he played the bass...
* Yamada played the trumpet.
* It was very visible that Tama, Senga and Miyata got very thin, probably because of the practices for Dream Boys.
* During the MC, Tsubasa introduced Kisumai as "Kis-My-Ft", and he called Nikaido "nantoka-kaido"...
* During the MC they asked Yuma who he likes more - Tackey or Tsubasa, and they pressed him to answer. At the end he said that he likes "T"...
* Yuma told a story during the MC, that while he still wasn't in the Johnny's, he went to see Tackey's "Dream Boy". When Tackey went to second floor he was really close to him, and he Yuma wanted to touch him, but Tackey spanked his hand with a "no touch" look...
* When Tackey danced with Kisumai during Wanna Beee!!!, He told Senga: "Now you follow me..." 
* When Tackey and Tsubasa introduced YamaPi, they talked about Pi's name (that Tackey is the one to put the Pi in YamaPi), and that now he use it not only for his name but also for the title of the concert and album (EroP). So Tackey told him that he (Tackey) need to start and take percentage for the use of this name...
* During the Yume Monogatari encore, Tsubasa took the mic and pushed it to Tsukada to sing - but he forgot the lyrics... 

Special points for second day
* Senga, Miyata, Tama and Hikaru didn't come. So the groups performed without them...
* During the MC Tsubasa continued bullying Kisumai. He continued calling Nikaido "nantoka-kaido", and when he introduced Nikaido and Wataru's new butai, he said "Nikaido-tachi"...
* Tsukada has really high-pinch voice, so not only that everyone were laughing at him, Tackey called him Chris Matsumura!
* Kawai imitated Matsujun's and KimuTaku's dancing!
* Tackey and Tsubasa continued questioning Yuma about who he likes more. They said the answer from the day before was insuficiant. At the end he said he likes both.
* During the kohais (Kisumai, Yuma, A.B.C-Z), right after the main MC, Kawai told a really funny story from the time both groups were still back to Tackey & Tsubasa. He told that when they had concert in Hokaido, it was very snowy outside. They played "janken" and the loser had to go outside. Senga lost and went outside in his shorts - and Taipi went to the door and locked it with Senga outside! In some other point Miyata also went outside - without janken...  
* When Tackey danced with Kisumai during Wanna Beee!!!, Senga wasn't there, so everyone followed Tackey.
* Yume Monogatari was supposed to be the last encore, but after they went off stage, the audience went wild and called for second encore, which was totally unplanned. After some time, Tackey and Tsubasa returned to stage. Tsubasa was only half dressed (pants and half-dressed short). Tackey went backstage to call the rest. He told them to come up no matter their clothes (Tsubasa said that when the audience called, everyone was in the middle of changing clothes).They sang Crazy Rainbow. They sang half the song alone and then the kohais went on-stage dressed in regular clothes! Taipi had his hair tied up (like Kame in Nobuta), and Yamada had his hair tied from behind! SO CUTE!!!

*** It was kinda dissapointing that no sempais or main kohais or other main groups came as guests - even surprising guests... 


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