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Dream Boys - 14/9/2012

First, instead of having a regular screan, like all theater shows, today they have electronic screen with electronic music. 
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Anyway, the report:
It started, of course, with two groups fightiing, and than Kazuya appeared behind as their sempai (and they al called him "sempai"). Than, when everyone were on stage, they started speak regularly. Miyata asked Kame "sempai, now that you graduate, what do you plan to do?" and then "so now can I call you Kazuya?" and Kazuya answered him "you can since it's your birthday today", and then he said "se-no" and everyone (actors and guests) started singing to Miyata's birthday <3 Then Kame pointed on Tamamori and said that HE can't call him Kazuya...So Yuya stayed with "sempai" ^_~ Kame and Yaotome also did singing conts and finished with Kame's name ("kame")...
Anyway, the musical itself was exactly like last year - same set, same story, same acts...** (see A/N)
However, instead of "Aishite Iru Kara" that was the main song in the musical (both when they did the tv-recording and when Kame sang  with the guitar), this year the song was Kizuna (OMG!!! Hikaru with bass, Miyata with drums, Senga on keyboard and Kishi with guitar singing rock-like version of "Kizuna"!!!). but besides, almost everything is the same - Yuya gets hurt, his brother has heart-sickness, Kame runs away, etc. However, this year they had screans behind that show the actors from close-up sometimes. also, they went a lot among the audience - from behind to the front (I was sitting behind next to the door, so Kame, Miyata and Senga went many times next to me...) and Kame flew and did acrobats above the audience!
During the bench scene (when Kame talk with the kid and brings his guitar), Miyata came first to talk about Hikaru and about Kis-My-Ft2...Kame told Miyata that he's only a sub in Kisumai. Everytime thay talked about real life things (like Kisumai), Kame and Miyata did "She!Her!Her!" together... Miyata tried to tell Kame he's not sub, so when they did the movements, Kame told him "so what's this song?" and Miyata answered "She!Her!Her", and Kame asked "and what are you in that song?" and Miyata answered "sub..." XDD
Than Miyata did his "ko-bear" cont, and everyone were laughing and clapping hands, so Kame said "they do it because it's your birthday so they respect you"...and than Kame did it himself ^_~
Another different is that althoug last year Koki died to save Juri - his little brother, this year Yuta died to save his little half brother - which is also Kazuya's half brother... During the in-between world (remember? when Yuta died and Kame fell off the building while running from the cups), there was an amazing duet between Kame and Yuta called "I'll be there" (or something like that...).
At the end all participants sang popish version of "Kizuna".
I still can't believe Kame did that dengarouse Chinese acrobatic stunt - with new additions! was last year wasn't enough?!?!?!
Before the Showtime, Kame sang "Dream Boy" (the song they wrote for last year's show), and then the Showtime started. First were the Kisumai trio (Tama, Miyata and Senga) that sang Kisumai medley with the Juniors (Shake It, She!Her!Her!, Everybody Go, Wanna Beee!!!, Never Give Up). Than Yaotome came but I can't remember the name of his song (an HSJ song) - he also did jugling. Then Kame came and sang 1582. Then the two actresses sang, and then Kame, Senga, Yaotome, Tama and Miyata sang together a song while behind there were pictures from their reharsals and phtoshooting.
When they returned back for the last bow, and said their thanks, Kame told Miyata to say something since today he became 24. Miyata said something childish, so Kame told him to say something adult-like since he turned an adult <3
Kame sounded really tired when he talked at the end. But his movement when he bowed were very elegant and beautiful, and also, when the screen was about to go down, Kame added "don't forget to watch Music Station today!" ^_^

**A/N - If you don't know what was last year, look for my last year's report...

Some pictures:

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