nofar_eliash (nofareli) wrote,

Giving away posters

Hi guys,

I love to buy Johnnys CDs and DVDs, but I usually have nothing to do with the posters and (unfortunately) they end their way in the garbage...
I wanted to know if there's a anyone who's interested in posters who's willing to pay the shipping fees and get it all?
shipping price is usually around 10-20 USD (excluding 5.5% PayPal fees...).

The upcoming ones:

* Kis-My-Ft2 - MUSIC COLOSSEUM [Regular Edition]
* V6 - COLORS / Taiyo to Tsuki no Kodomotachi

First come first get base ^_~

will try to update the post every time I'll buy a CD or DVD...Please take into account that I write here the moment I buy - not the moment I get the CD or DVD. Which means I might get the item about a month after its release. But you can still ask for me to put it on hold for you.
Tags: *announcement, sell

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