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We won't be seperated from here, keep watching us for eternity!


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9 August 1986
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I Love Johnnys! <3
About Me
I am a 30 years old an I live in the north of Israel. I read, write and speak Japanese almost fluently, also fluently English and Hebrew.
I am addicted to dogs and cats (especially cats), and I have 2 cats named Kento and Yuya (you know after whom...) and 1 dog named Toi (only Johnny's fans will recognize the origin).
I love Karaoke, surfing the internet, read Akame-fics (though In reality I like 5nin KAT-TUN much more), magazines and books, watching TV and traveling. My favorite food is Omurise and vegetable salad. My hobby is going to Johnny's concerts and related events.
My moto for life is: live your day, because you never know when it will be your last one!

About My Fandom
I am a HUGE fan of Johnny's WEST!!! I also like other groups like SMAP, Kanjani-8, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Kis-My-Ft2 and basically all JE groups very much!
I became Johnnys fan about 11 years ago, as an Arashi fan, and all my life are currently around my JE fandom and work. My whole university research was about Johnny's Idols and international fans (already graduated)!

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