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Merry Christmas posts from J-Web

Hi guys,

I have J-Web membership. I don't know if the posts are available for non-members or for English speakers, but if you want me to put here a bless from your favorite (yes, there are even every Junior and KanJu), just tell me the name and I'll post it here!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!

Giving away posters

Hi guys,

I love to buy Johnnys CDs and DVDs, but I usually have nothing to do with the posters and (unfortunately) they end their way in the garbage...
I wanted to know if there's a anyone who's interested in posters who's willing to pay the shipping fees and get it all?
shipping price is usually around 10-20 USD (excluding 5.5% PayPal fees...).

The upcoming ones:

* Kis-My-Ft2 - MUSIC COLOSSEUM [Regular Edition]
* V6 - COLORS / Taiyo to Tsuki no Kodomotachi

First come first get base ^_~

will try to update the post every time I'll buy a CD or DVD...Please take into account that I write here the moment I buy - not the moment I get the CD or DVD. Which means I might get the item about a month after its release. But you can still ask for me to put it on hold for you.

Sales Post (some Disney include too) - MANY MORE TO COME!!!



1. Items are sold on a first come first served basis.
2. All sales are final! no refunds, returns or exchanges.
3. All items are as shown in the pictures. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask before paying.
4. Items can be saved for one week at the most.
5. Prices are nagotiable.
6. 10% discount for order over 400 NIS. 20% discount for order over 500 NIS, etc.


1. I accept Paypal only. Payment will be sent in NIS (New Israeli Shekel).
  * Israeli can also send check or cash by post. Please notice that I will send your package only upon recieving the payment.
2. A 5.5% of the total amount paypal fee will be charged.
3. Payment must be received within 3 days after confirmation.
4. If you will be late with your payment, please let me know. However, more than 2 days of lateness and the order will be cancelled.


1. Items will be sent within 2 business days after the payment is received.
2. I ship from Israel and internationally.
3. Items will be shipped via regular airmail.
4. Unregistered airmail is free. If you wish for registered airmail, you will have to pay for it (registered mail usually costs 12-15 USD unless it's especially heavy).
5. I am not liable for any lost/damaged items once they have been shipped.

*All the goods I sell are original only - never fan made or paparazi-made.

All comments that contains private or sensitive information are screened!

I update all the time - since I buy a lot and I need place for new goods, money for my pets (Kento, Yuya and Toy) and for my studies <3

Have fun looking, updating and buying. More to come - of course!

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for all the people interested!

Thanks everyone who answered the survey! I've got more than enough participents <3

I gave out my paper today (finally!), and waiting for my defence on 21/8.

I hope you'll enjoy reading - don't worry, it's not long ^_~


Next step - talk to the Johnny's about the results (O.K, that's not really the next step since I've allready done that~)

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