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Arashi HEYx3 live - 25/10/2011 - report

I've been to the shooting of Arashi's HEYx3 live on Tuesday 25/10. Well, I can't give a full report, since we were asked not to, but I can say that the background is pretty creepy and gray and the dance of Meykyuu Love Song is realy nice (or how Aiba said - "Johnnys-like movements").'

About the dance - the beginning kinda similar to Lotus, only with Sho in the middle. costumes are nice - black and white suites (only Sho in gray), and Aiba and Jun with rain-boots... Aiba's moon-walk was funny <3 Sho and Nino usually centric, Once Ohno was centric. I was standing where Aiba, Jun and Ohno were <3

Thay danced the song twice, because the first time they danced, Nino and Sho got a little "Meikyuu" (well, it WAS their first time to sing and dance this song live). They talked with us a lot, and they even sang to us at the end Tooku Made - with Jun half shirtless and opening Ohno's shirt (and Jun and Ohno playing with each other shirts...), and lots of Sakuraiba and Ohba moments.

the shooting took about 1.5 hours. I stood between second and third line, and was the only non-Japanese there! Arashi were SOOOOOO close <3
unfortunatly, no penlights, no calling names, no singing. only clapping-hands and screaming.

well, broadcasting is on 7/11.

*BTW, Nino's hair is NOT blond... 
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