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All my Johnny's Concerts / Butais / Programs / Musicals...2010-2016

On the whole:
Concerts - 110
Butai - 16
Musicals - 59
TV programs - 47
Events / Fan meetings - 46
Number of Johnny's related activities on the whole - 278
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Dream Boys - 4/9/2011 + 23/9/2011 (edited)

This musical actually made me think: who do I live for? the musical this year has a really strong message - you have someone there that lives for you. So who do YOU live for?

Well, I feel the need to appologize from the beginning since this report will be only in points. After all, it was a musical and not a concert, and for me it is imposible to write a report about a musical. So I will write here the most effective points I had from the show.

My seat was on the first floor on the side, raw K (meaning pretty close to the stage...). However, it was the day that all cameras came, so all the cameras was next to me, which made me say "Thank god I have another ticket, even if for second floor!!!".
Anyway, here's for the point:

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